Solution Engineering Sdn Bhd

Solution specialises in the design and development of teaching equipment for engineering education (SOLTEQ) such as chemical, mechanical, electrical and control engineering. Our products are utilised in public and private universities, university colleges, polytechnics, skilled training centers, advanced technical institutions and colleges.

Solution has pioneered a range of teaching equipment that are not only comparable to established brands in terms of technical capability and quality but also enhanced with computer interface for reliable and accurate experimental results.

We are also the exclusive distributor for QVF Engineering, a range of borosilicate glassware pilot plants and components for use in chemical engineering laboratories, R&D and industrial production. For process control automation and data acquisition systems, we are also an OPTO 22 and NEMATRON distributor.

The demand for quality education especially in specialised areas of engineering and skills training has created a demand for the latest generation of teaching equipment. Solution is able to provide some of these needs at reasonable cost. After sales service and spare parts are also easily available and affordable.

Our future plans include the development of multi-media software to complement teaching equipment which will speed up the student's learning curve.These modules will also be available for use on the INTERNET as part of a distance learning programme.

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